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The Safest Thing Is Not To Get Lured Into The Matrix In The First Place

In “The Metaverse is a Scam” I called Virtual Reality “late state globalism’s Hail Mary” play to herd huge swaths plebs into their own private, fully immersive hallucinations – where they can live out an inconsequential dreamlike existence however they want, just so long as it stops them from taking up too much space in the real world.

“Soon he will be shown something that perfectly fulfills his most hidden and cherished desires, desires he has never fulfilled. Unable to resist the chance to do it at last he enters by a golden door into eternal captivity”
— How Do They Get Our Souls? Whitney Streiber’s The Key

Apple’s announcement at WWDC saved the Vision Pro for last – it’s expected to roll out in 2024 and is being heralded as the most significant revolution in technology interface since the smartphone. The Vision Pro is not a VR head-set per se, it’s a “spacial computing” interface for Augmented Reality: instead of immersing you 100% in a digital construct, it overlays objects, icons and UXs from the computing world and the internet, onto your visual field of the physical world you occupy.

This isn’t entirely new: Google’s Glass was also an Augmented Reality headset but it bombed. And there is Facebook (sorry, “Meta’s) Occulus, which is a fully immersive VR headset.

Since I wrote that piece, there has been more of a drumbeat around personal carbon footprints and CO2 rationing. The wholly concocted FUD around Bitcoin mining – people fail to see that for what it is: a Lysenkoist Trojan Horse that if accepted will legitimize the idea that external authorities (technocrats) have the moral authority to decide how everybody else gets to use their own energy.

In addition to the Apple Vision Pro announcement, last month the FDA approved Elon Musk’s “Neuralink” for human trials. Billing itself as a

“brain-computer interface is fully implantable, cosmetically invisible, and designed to let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.”

Neuralink is initially targeting people who have physical impediments to interacting with the world at large, and in that capacity, it stands to be a quantum leap for people with debilitating conditions.

But after that, when brain implants enter the mainstream, we should expect to see some sub-optimal outcomes…

The Metaverse, Augmented Reality, UBI and CBDCs are all SOMA.
“Soma” is a substance featured in Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel “Brave New World”, published back in 1932. It’s a powerful, government-issued drug used to control the population, offering a pleasant, hallucinogenic escape from reality without any negative physical side effects, thereby keeping society docile and content.

For example, technocrats believe that UBI will emancipate an increasingly unemployable rabble from the rat-race of having to earn a living; empowering them to spend their time doing yoga, writing poetry and generally self-actualizing.

That’s a nice vision, but what probably happens instead is that it creates legions of dependent, subservient couch potatoes bingeing on cheesies, dope and porn.

In the same vein, ubiquitous brain implants probably won’t give rise to a generation of super-literate, hyper-informed, augmented-IQ over-achievers as much it will create an entirely new form of couch potato, who could completely end-run the myriad stimuli that get them their dopamine hits, and just tap straight into the neurological response:

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