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Babbling Biden tells Connecticut crowd ‘God save the queen, man’ at end of baffling speech where he joked about being 110 and said ‘don’t make me a dog-faced lying pony soldier’

A babbling President Joe Biden gave a speech Friday where he joked about being 110, told the crowd ‘God save the queen’ and deployed some of his greatest hits – such as the verbiage: ‘don’t make me a dog-faced lying pony soldier.’

Biden paid a visit to West Hartford, Connecticut to headline the National Safety Communities Summit, a gun control event where he was introduced by Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, who’s long been involved in the issue.

However he ended the speech with the bizarre reference to Queen Elizabeth II, nine months after he went to her funeral, and then motioned to aides asking which way to leave the stage to take photos.

Biden expressed disgust that there were victims of gun violence ‘every damn day in America!’ as he again pushed to ban AR-15s and implement several other gun control mesures.

‘Folks, it’s time once again that we ban AR-15 rifles … high capacity magazines,’ he said.He also pushed for universal background checks.

‘A lot of you are tired. You’re tired. No, I get it. Try being 110 and doing it again,’ he said to laughs. ‘All kidding aside, a lot of people are frustrated.’


He also pointed out how he had requested more money in his budget to go after gun traffickers.

‘By the way, you know what I get when I, when talking about fentanyl at the border and all that? I speak to the president of Mexico. Will you stop sending guns to us? We are sending dangerous weapons, particularly assault weapons to Mexico – to Mexico!’ he said.

‘They’re asking us, please stop it. Cut it off at the border. What in God’s name are we becoming if we don’t do this,’ the president added.

The president pledged to ‘never, never, never, never, never’ yield on this issue.

As he gave a meandering mention of the Violence Against Women Act, he talked about how domestic violence was the ‘ultimate abuse, abuse of power.’

‘My dad used to say the single worst abuse of all was the abuse of power,’ Biden continued – a line that Republicans online bristled at.

At the end of the speech, Biden told the crowd that he couldn’t stick around due to an impending storm.

He was next headed to Greenwich, Connecticut for a political fundraiser.

‘Is that right, is that still the deal?’ he said looking over toward his aides.

The audience – comprised of a number of young activists – shouted back, ‘Nooooo!’

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