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My Submission to the Covid-19 Public Enquiry

Like most countries, the UK is spending whatever money it has left on a hugely pointless enquiry into the way the Government handled the covid hoax.

Naturally, the inquiry is destined to last for years and provide a bonanza for lawyers who will make a fortune out of taxpayers.

It is unlikely that any questions will be asked about the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, useless PCR testing, pointless test and trace schemes, expensive Eat Out and Furlough programmes, the closure of schools and the pointless and dangerous covid-19 `vaccine’.

And naturally, those of us who told the truth about the fraud back in 2020 will not be invited to explain how we knew it was all fake.

Still, the UK Covid-19 inquiry has invited submissions from the public. The process is called `Every Story Matters’.

Here’s my submission (included under their heading: ‘Unfair treatment, for example, inequality, discrimination or harassment’):

‘I am a qualified doctor. In February and March 2020 I pointed out that the covid threat was exaggerated. Later that year I warned that the covid vaccine would cause heart problems, myocarditis, blood clots, etc., and wouldn’t work. Everything I said was accurate and later proved accurate. I was abused by the mainstream media and banned by YouTube and all social media for the modern crime of telling the truth. My attempts to debate these issues were met with silence. The BBC actually said that it would not allow anyone questioning the vaccine on any of its programmes ‘right or wrong’. Thousands of lives were destroyed unnecessarily by the stifling of all debate. Freedom of speech is important and should be respected. My reputation and earnings were deliberately destroyed for the crime of telling the truth.’

That’s my submission.

And I made it knowing that it would be ignored.

No one at the covid inquiry will want to hear the truth. But if enough of us submit our ‘stories’ we will at least be on the record.

My first book about the covid fraud was called Coming Apocalypse. It was published in April 2020 – over three years ago.

The book contained my assessment of what had already happened and what I thought would happen next.

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