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State Hypochondria: UK Covid Inquiry Demands Virus Testing for All Attendees

One thing is now certain: after three years of state-issued propaganda and Big Pharma misinformation, the overreaction to the so-called ‘global pandemic’ by state agencies and mainstream media has induced a near permanent widespread wave of paranoia among a section of the public and members of the state’s increasingly bloated bureaucracy. 

For those completely loyal and compliant to this rolling “state of emergency” narrative, the COVID-19 pseudo pandemic has made the world seem like a ‘less safe’ and hostile place to live. This imagined sense of danger and irrational fear of invisible viruses has led people to feel that others around them are a threat. This main fear is the foundation of the whole ‘public health’ psychological operation surround Covid mass hysteria.

It began just before the initial phase of the alleged ‘pandemic’ in 2020, and was quickly ramped-up with applied behavioural psychology messaging and coercive tactics which were successful in increasing individuals’ paranoia and feelings of hypochondria about the mythical “asymptomatic spread” of the alleged ‘novel coronavirus,’ thus, causing previously rational behaviours to give way to a much more erratic and reflexive set of responses to what can only be described as an imaginary threat.

This state-induced mental disorder was then compounded by state-mandated mask-wearing and other intimidation tactics. Relentless rebroadcasting of the official state conspiracy narratives caused the more paranoid Covid ‘true believers’ to endorse the state’s most outlandish conspiracies about the supposed safety and efficacy of mask-wearing and ‘miracle’ vaccines – all of which turned out to be patently untrue.

Three years later, it seems that fascist elements in the state’s agencies are still determined to enforce the official science fiction…

UK Telegraph reports…

The Covid-19 inquiry is demanding that attendees test for the virus more than a year after the Government scrapped lateral flow tests.

Ahead of its first public hearings starting on Tuesday, the multi-million pound inquiry has been accused of “overkill” after requesting that all staff and visitors take a lateral flow test before attending the hearing centre.

The inquiry’s “Covid policy” states that anyone attending the hearings daily should test for the virus at the beginning of each week, while those coming on individual days should test “in advance of attending”.

Those who test positive have been asked to stay away.

The inquiry’s guidance contradicts advice by the Government, which scrapped free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing more than one year ago in April 2022.

A five-page Covid policy document published by the inquiry stated: “Though the UK Government no longer requires people to self-isolate if they test positive for Covid-19, we are asking those who test positive to stay away from the hearings.”

The inquiry has said that while lateral flow tests are not mandatory, it will not be reimbursing visitors – including core participants and bereaved families – who do take the tests as asked.

Staff at the centre, which include legal teams, contractors and security staff, will be provided with tests.

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