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“I’m Unvaccinated And That’s OK!” or is it?

Coming July 18th is a new children’s book helping to normalize the idea that children aren’t born deficient in poisonous pharmaceutical injections. I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK! is written by Dr. Shannon Kroner, who holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s in Special Education (according to her bio).

According to the synopsis, I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK! is the story “of an unvaccinated child named Nicholas Novaks, who shares the many reasons why his parents have chosen not to vaccinate him.”

Being a fiction writer myself, I’m always happy to see others using this medium to help shift culture towards truth, or at least, acceptance of those who like truth. However, a reader of my email newsletter, named Karl, took issue with the use of the word “unvaccinated”…

“1st of all, nobody can become unvaccinated. Just like nobody can become uncircumcized. You either have been poisoned or mutilated or you’ve been left normal. You can’t reverse either injury.”

I’m a wordsmith, so I love this type of thinking. But, I’m not sure I agree with Karl. By adding “un” to a word, we are not necessarily saying it was reversed or undone. For example, “unconscious” according to Webster, simply means “not knowing or perceiving.”

Karl goes on to say:

“The book should rightly be called ‘I’m completely original and that’s way better than being poisoned or mutilated.’”

This is similar to the “pure blood” label many people are using. But are we completely original, pure and free of poisons? Seems like a far-fetched claim to make even if you grew up on an organic farm fasting on distilled water for 40 days and nights every month.

I do agree, I don’t think “unvaccinated” is helpful. It suggests we are lacking something important. I’ve no interest in labelling myself based on whether or not I rolled up my sleeve for some injection.

Maybe a better title for the book would have been, I Don’t Want Your Stupid Vaccine and You Can’t Make Me. Or how about, I Didn’t Get the Shot, Now Please Go Get a Life.

I asked my readers to brainstorm alternative titles that didn’t use the slightly pejorative word “unvaccinated.” Here are the top submissions (chosen by me)…

Curtis Holt suggested: I Didn’t Get the Shot. SO WHAT!
From Colorado, Freelance copywriter Ryan Healy (who gets paid big bucks to write headlines) suggested: I’m Not a Human Pincushion and That’s OK!
Toronto vocalist and keyboardist, Paul Jenkins, suggested my favourite: I Opted Out of The Zombie Apocalypse (And You Can Too)
Author and poet, Sean Arthur Joyce, in British Columbia, made the astute observation that “Dr. Kroner could simply use I’m Not Vaccinated and That’s Okay! which removes the ‘un’ from the title.”

In the end, Dr. Shannon Kroner has taken action and created a tool to help save children from what appears to be literal democide. I don’t want to nitpick about the title. “Unvaccinated” may resonate better with certain people who would not be reached otherwise. Instead, I’d encourage more people to put out more children’s books from different angles and with different wording

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