Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 14 June 2023

David Icke: “If you look at how humanity is controlled, it is through deception”

In the incredible new Ickonic series Remember Who You Are, David Icke goes back to the roots of our existence

The first episode, entitled ‘The Perception Deception’ sees David explore the big questions about life, and puts forward an empowering take on how we could envision ourselves.


In 1990 and – big time in 1991 – My mind opened. Well, not so much opened as it had the lid blown off, and I started asking questions.

It’s been extraordinary to me over the years, to see how few people ask them, when you think they’d be the first things we ask.

They’ll ask about how their football team got on, or who won the celebrity reality show…or the price of fish, but these questions kind of pass people by in incredible numbers, and they are Who are we? Who am I? Where am I? What is this reality we call a place? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

I guess the older you get, and the nearer you come to going, the more you ask that question, but you’d think that the media would be full of documentaries and questioning of who are we, where are we, what is this place? But you don’t see it. Why?

I asked those questions in 1990/91 and I’m still asking them. The difference is, there have been a lot of answers in between.

What is this place? It’s what we perceive it to be.

The more you get into the dynamics of how we manifest this reality, the more you realise that perception is the foundation of everything.

What we believe, we perceive and what we perceive, we experience. So if you take the Covid period, people went under house arrest, took the fake jab and did what authorities told them, because they perceived there was a deadly virus.

Others, the few, didn’t believe that, they didn’t perceive that, and thus, their behaviour was very different. So even on that basis, what we experience comes from our perception.

And if you look at how humanity is controlled, it’s through perception.

It’s a very simple sequence, if you can control the information from which people form their perceptions, you are going – to a very large extent – dictate their perceptions. See Covid, for example.

And from perception comes behaviour, and collective behaviour is what we call human society. We have this human society that we perceive around the world in the different cultures, because of perception.

So, if you believe in Islam, and you are a Muslim, you will – from that perception – live a certain kind of life in a certain kind of way. If you believe you’re a Christian it will be different, if you believe you’re a Hindu it will be different. So everything is perception, becoming experienced reality.

So, ‘where we are’ (though it’s much deeper than this) is where we perceive ourselves to be.

In the same way, if you believe that you are ‘little me’ and have no power, that authority is your master, that those in authority are more intelligent [oh what a joke] and wise and knowledgable than you are, then you’ll live a ‘little me’ life.

Not because you are, but because you perceive yourself to be.

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