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BBC’s disinformation queen shoots herself in both feet

MARIANNA Spring, the BBC’s ‘Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent’, was aiming for the kill. Announcing BBC Verify a few weeks ago, Spring specified a ‘conspiracy newspaper’ as her prime target. Seeking out undefined ‘harm’ and ‘hate’ and getting politicians to take up her denunciations is specifically how she defines her new ‘reporting’ role. In The Light, the innovative, free sheet, she was sure she had found her catch. It’s been revealing a worrying amount of truth, so it must not prevail. Plummeting television ratings are clearly hurting, but the motive for attacking competitors is not merely about popularity. The new initiative of BBC Verify explicitly reveals our national broadcaster in its Big Brother light, an asset of the surveillance state and Spring as its chief agent.

The Light is a monthly print bulletin launched in October 2020 by Mancunian musician Darren Nesbit as a means of bypassing the unprecedented and draconian censorship on the purported Covid-19 pandemic. Initially distributed at protests against lockdown and a few Stand in the Park groups, it rapidly spread nationwide. Hundreds of volunteers purchase copies in bulk and distribute them, in the interest of awakening more people to the globalist power-grab of our property, privacy, democracy and freedom. In other words, to the Great Reset.

Cleverly, as printed press copy, The Light has averted much of the censorship exerted on independent media, parts of which have been suppressed, demonetised and banned (as experienced by TCW). The Light is like the Samizdat in the Soviet Union, whereby dissidents such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn kept each other informed with covertly typewritten pamphlets passed to trusted acquaintances. In a digital world, paper itself is resistance.

Spring approached Nesbit for an interview based on the idea that each party asked the other a series of questions. He agreed to it.

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