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Innocent victims of Nottingham rampage: Two students ‘just five minutes from home and ‘man in his 60s’ were stabbed to death at random by ‘black-clad’ knifeman – before three others ‘waiting at bus stop’ were hit by van – as counter terror cops raid house

Two of the victims of a knife and van rampage in Nottingham today were students ‘just five minutes from home’ and the third a man ‘in his 60s’.

The three victims are believed to have been randomly attacked and stabbed to death by a knifeman dressed in black and wearing a rucksack. No other details have been released about their identities.

Counter terror police have raided two properties in Nottingham, with officers saying they are keeping an ‘open mind’ over the attacker’s motive. A 31-year-old man has been arrested and is in custody.

One raid took place this afternoon around Ilkeston Road in a student area of the city, where a witness saw a young man and a young woman being stabbed at around 4am.

A student said the pair were ‘five minutes’ from home when they were ambushed. Another said of the male victim: ‘He was a friend of mine. He was just walking home from a club like we all do and got unlucky five minutes away from home.’

After the first attack, a third body was found on Magdala Street at around 5.30am which is believed to belong to an unnamed man in his 60s.

Police were also called to another incident on Milton Street at around 5.30am on Tuesday, where a van ran into three people who are now being treated in hospital.

They are believed to have been waiting for the bus when they were struck with one person in a critical condition.

Nottinghamshire Police said they are now working alongside counter-terror colleagues to ‘establish the facts’ and determine the motive for the attack. They do not believe anyone else was involved.

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