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High School Kids Threatened With Detention For Booing LGBT Video

A video shows high school students laughing at and booing an ‘LGBT Pride Month’ video they were shown in math class, before being threatened with detention.

The incident took place at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California.

The video clip, which was released publicly by concerned parents, shows a video called ‘Pride Month’ being shown to the classroom as a rainbow flag flies in the wind.

Students react with a mixture of groans, boos and mocking laughter, as one says, “turn it off!”

Another student asks, “Why are you showing this to kids?” as two women kissing are shown on screen and the boos and laughter continue to ring out.

The teacher, apparently infuriated with the reaction, then threatens the kids with punishment unless they show respect to what’s being played on the television.

“Hey I’ll warn you guys now, if you’re gonna be inappropriate, I will have to provision down and give all of you Saturday school for next year, so knock it off!”

Apparently, the clip wasn’t just shown to one class.

“Some 10th grade students came forward to tell me that this video was played in ALL classes that day, not just math class,” conservative activist Robby Starbuck tweeted. “They’re upset about it and want the school to refrain from playing videos like this.”

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