Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 12 June 2023

Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman?’ Hits 177 Million Views On Twitter

After a chaotic day and a half of suppression and free speech victories, the groundbreaking What Is a Woman? documentary has reached over 177 million views (Tuesday 2:30 p.m.) on Twitter

Numbers will continue to rise as the Daily Wire has left the film free to view on the platform over the weekend. 

Matt Walsh (pictured), Daily Wire podcaster and star of the film,  shared on Saturday morning that in addition to 110 million views, the movie had “120 thousand retweets,” figures he described as “incredible.” 

Early this morning, the Nashville-based Daily Wire announced that “the movie they really don’t want you to see” had “officially hit 100 million views on Twitter.” 

The milestone came hours after Daily Wire’s Friday night update, which shared that the film had “amassed over 78 million views” in just 24 hours.

With this number, the outlet “decided to leave it up the rest of the weekend, so the sky’s the limit.” 

The rapid spread of the documentary followed Walsh’s cinematic expose of gender ideology being suppressed by Twitter executives, a decision which, according to owner Elon Musk, was “a mistake.”

The temporary censorship occurred after the Daily Wire reached an agreement with the platform to stream the film for free in honor of its one-year anniversary.

Twitter reportedly backed out of the deal due to certain scenes which featured characters “misgendering” others. 

Musk later resolved the issue and promoted the film on his own Twitter page, criticizing child mutilation and saying that “every parent should watch” the documentary.

That post is now a “pinned Tweet” on his account. 

Walsh pointed out today that while “the film has been seen by millions of people…only six movie critics have dared to review it. And none of them are from major mainstream publications.” 

The reviews he mentions are posted on Rotten Tomatoes, a website designed to inform the public about the quality of movies and TV shows based on written reviews and audience ratings.

All are dated in the summer of 2022, when the documentary was first released, but no new reviews have been added since its overwhelming viewing in the past two days.  

According to the website, more than 60 percent of the film’s few reviews are positive, giving it an 83 percent quality rating.

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