Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 June 2023

George Soros Hands Over Wealth to Son Who Promises to Finance Liberal Causes

Hungarian-American businessman, George Soros, handed over his twenty-five billion-dollar empire to his son, Alexander, who has already pledged to spend over $1.5 billion to support his father’s “Woke” aims and far-left candidates. The spawn of Soros also plans to expand to support gender equality and abortion rights. Alex has already went to the White House at least fourteen times to meet top officials such as Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and Nanci Pelosi since Joe Biden took office. Alex has stated that he has differences regarding free speech as he enjoyed Bill Mahler’s show on TV.

George Soros’s nonprofit, Open Society Foundation, spends roughly $1.5 billion per year globally on human rights groups, and building democracies as per his liking. Donald Trump has had issues with George, accusing him of funding Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to press bogus charges against him as the Trump campaign wrote on April 2, 2023, “Leftist Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg concocted a sham indictment of President Donald J. Trump. It is an unprecedented political persecution of the 45th President of the United States and a blatant attempt to interfere in the 2024 election.”

While Soros denied doing such a thing, it is known that he works secretly through his subsidiaries so that nothing can be traced back to him. He has financially backed several government officials with liberal leaning politics that favor lowering incarceration rates and racial bias through this method to avoid any personal liability.

Carrying the torch of his father’s mission is of concern for the United States as it is one of globalism. The US has already faced attacks by the “Woke” mob, and a continuation of George Soros’s dream of world domination via bankrupting countries by dismantling their economy along with backing domestic terrorist organizations, is a recipe for disaster to western civilization.


Liberalism Must be Destroyed

America has been very lenient and accepting of different cultures and personalities, and has provided a structure where people can live the lifestyle that they want and pursue wealth so long as it does not hurt anyone. However, the nation has been suffering from the liberal offspring known as “Woke”. Kindness is their weapon of choice, but the reality is they are only nice to those who share their views while castrating anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology. Their message is God is wrong and they are right.

“Woke” is like a hurricane sucking up all that is good and sane while attacking anything that it is normal and healthy. Perversions are being normalized while religion being forced to conform. Thousands of illegal immigrants have already swarmed the US at the Mexican border thanks to far-left policies, and this has destabilized the economy and social integrity of the country. While Chinese-owned hotels in the US rake in profits from housing hordes of undocumented aliens, military soldiers are kicked out for refusing vaccination.

World war is likely the next step to complete the financial collapse and spread nation-wide poverty in the United States, so the Soros-funded far-left can further their plans of creating a divided state in America operated by communists, and a sector-based system to run the rest of the country. That would put a smile on the evil lord himself, George Soros, even in his grave.

2024 will be a pivotal point in The United States, because the Trump opposition is receiving donations from individuals like Alex who openly admit favoritism towards far-left leaning policies and anti-Trump ambitions. If they get another lackey in office, things will turn for the worse in the upcoming years. Eastern powers will rise while the West declines, and with that will come mass cultural changes adopting a more liberal national identity.

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