Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 12 June 2023

15-Minutes Lockdown — “Immobilize the Greater Part of Humanity”

Supposedly completely innovative and revolutionary projects, announced today as a part of the Even Braver and Newer World, not only already existed, but in previous stages have been fiercely destroyed and eradicated, as unnecessary obstacles in the way of progress.

Who really blew up public transport?

The same people who today forbid us to use private cars, previously effectively limited and eliminated public transport. Bus and train lines subjected to commercialisation and privatisation ceased to function as public services, in practice forcing people to change to their own cars, which was joyfully applauded by the car industry.

Now this is a time for bicycle and moped manufacturers to take their share of the accumulation, but we are to believe that this particular industry is based on voluntary cooperatives of hippie koala bears, and is not the same business as others, with equally large lobbying funds and access to councilors’ and mayors’ wallets. Unfortunately, the drivers hunting will not automatically resurrect bus and railway lines.

Blocking of cities is not accompanied by the reconstruction of public transport, on the contrary, in fact it is often hindered as well, because no bus or tram will fly over these empty, concrete hectares, created in the city centres, with no cars, but with no people either.  For as much as the real purpose is not to replace one form of transport for another, but to actually immobilise the greater part of humanity.


Now in Eastern Europe we have lot of critics of the city centres transformation, which has started exactly after 1990 and escalated with joining EU. Well, fine, but who the hell actually turned these town districts into stone and concrete deserts? Who uprooted the trees and bushes for years growing in the communal squares, ‘because bums may hang out there’?

Who wanted them to be modern and European, because for sure not the locals, but the same elite, who now pretend to be so close to nature and green liking? They destroyed greenery that had existed for generations, and now they claim to have invented green squares and lawns! And again, old and natural greenery disturbs, but trees must be planted in pots in the middle of the streets, as it was done for millions of pounds in the UK town during the pandemic. In fact, it is social engineering, not ecology and environmentally friendly urban planning.

We already had green, friendly neighbourhood units.

The recently fashionable vision of the ‘15-Minute Cities’ has a similarly alienating character. Its inhabitants may be able to go for a soy latte on foot, but the barista who will prepare that for them and the cleaner who will take care of the mess in their apartments will have to travel for hours with three electric bus transfers to these oases of modern, green brave happiness.  What is more, the idea itself is completely unrelated to European urban planning, being a reaction to the American cities problems, which for nearly a hundred years had been divided into strictly separated zones of residence, business, industry and entertainment, what resulted in the need to move farther and farther within heavy traffic and with restrictive highway code.

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