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Iris Biometrics Coming to Three National ID Programs

Iris biometrics are being added to Pakistan’s national ID system with support from Iris ID, Jordan’s via IrisGuard, and are among the three modalities Idemia and Atos will support for Togo’s, in a handful of major deals among the most-read articles of the week on Biometric Update. Scale is also a central motivating factor in a partnership connecting Yoti and Mitek through Synectics’ platform to fight fraud, while Jumio shows research into consumer perception and ID R&D explained a new PAD metric.

NADRA is expanding Pakistan’s biometric authentication options by implementing the iris modality with support from Iris ID. The agency says it added the modality to enable greater authentication accuracy, complimenting face and fingerprint biometrics in the national ABIS. The system is going through user acceptance testing ahead of a rollout to 700 registration centers.

Atos and Idemia have won a contract with undisclosed value to help build a digital ID program for Togo utilizing fingerprint, iris and face biometrics and based on the MOSIP platform. Funding is coming at least partially from the World Bank-backed WURI program, but the implementing agency is emphasizing local understanding and buy-in.

IrisGuard is supporting Jordan’s plan for digital modernization after reaching a strategic partnership agreement with the country’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

A wave of data protection laws passed in Africa is empowering government watchdogs to push for greater focus on privacy, and even standards, as members of the ID4Africa community discussed during a livecast recapping the recent AGM. Different approaches to digital identity policy reform were also detailed.

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