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Female-Only Spa With Compulsory Nudity Must Admit ‘Transgender Women’ With Penises

A spa that for years has only served women must admit men with penises if they claim to be women, a judge has ruled.

The constitutional rights of the owners, employees, and patrons of the Olympus Spa in Washington state were not infringed when officials in the state ordered the facility to provide services to “transgender women” with male genitalia, Washington District Court Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein said in a June 5 ruling.

The spa was described by its owners, who are Christian, as being designed based on the belief that “a male and a female should not ordinarily be in each other’s presence while in the nude unless married to each other,” according to a complaint filed by the owners.

Many services provided by the spa require patrons to be fully naked, and the employees who work on-site are all female.

Requiring admission of men claiming to be women violates the rights bestowed by the U.S. Constitution’s First and Fourteenth Amendments, which guarantee freedom of speech free exercise of religion, and the Bill of Rights protection of free association, the spa owners, workers, and patrons asserted.

Rothstein disagreed, finding that the state law “does not discriminate on its face, and it does not by its terms favor a particular religion or the non-exercise of religion.”

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