Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 June 2023

Think-Tank Warns 15 Birmingham-Sized Cities Needed to Cope With UK Immigration

Migration Watch UK said current net migration figures will lead to a 16 million increase in the population over next 25 years

The UK will need to build at least 15 cities the size of Birmingham to cope with rising immigration figures, according to a new think-tank report.

Migration Watch UK suggests current levels of net migration will see the population on course to rise by nearly 16 million to 80 million by 2046.

It estimates this would result in the need to build between 6 and 8 million more homes—equal to between 15 and 18 more cities the size of Birmingham.

The report—released on Thursday—states that if current net migration figures of 600,000 were reduced to 100,000 per year or less, the impact of the housing shortage would ease and present better opportunities for those wishing to get on the property ladder.

The reduction would also preserve the countryside from being bulldozed to make way for housing.

The think-tank released the report as it launched a campaign demanding the government sets out a target of reducing immigration, backed by a petition which has already received nearly 34,000 signatures.

It comes weeks after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faced a Tory backlash as official estimates indicated net migration reached a record high of 606,000 people last year.

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