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Lockdown Johnson resigns as MP over ‘Partygate’ inquiry

Boris Johnson has sensationally quit Parliament, saying he was forced out in a political witch-hunt over Partygate.

In an angry late-night statement, the former Prime Minister said he was standing down as an MP ‘with immediate effect’. His departure stunned Rishi Sunak and there was dismay in No 10 at the prospect of a fresh round of Tory bloodletting.

Mr Johnson’s decision to go comes three and a half years after he won a landslide election victory, and will raise fresh doubts about whether the Conservatives can hang on to power at next year’s election.

Just 24 hours earlier, Mr Johnson, 58, was handed the findings of the controversial Commons privileges committee inquiry into Partygate, which sealed his fate.

The inquiry, led by Labour’s former deputy leader Harriet Harman, is understood to have ruled that he lied to Parliament when he said no rules were broken during lockdown gatherings in No 10 – a claim he has always denied.

The committee is thought to have advised that he should be suspended for at least ten days, triggering a by-election in his west London constituency.

Mr Johnson said last night he was the victim of a ‘witch-hunt’ by forces seeking ‘revenge for Brexit’.

He said the 14-month inquiry had not produced a ‘shred of evidence’ that he lied to Parliament about lockdown gatherings in No 10. And he accused Ms Harman’s committee of setting out to destroy him.

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