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Evidence: Pfizer Knew mRNA Shots Sicken Infants in April 2021 (and the rest)

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Per internal Pfizer documents forced into the public domain by court decree, we know now that the company knew way back in April 2021 of the risks its mRNA gene therapy posed to infants.

Via Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review:

 [Pfizer’s] safety database was searched for all BNT162b2 vaccine cases reporting any exposure to vaccine during pregnancy (mother and/or baby) or exposure to baby via lactation from all time through 28 February 2021. A search of the Pfizer safety database identified 673 case reports. …

Of the 673 case reports identified in the search, 458 involved BNT162b2 exposure during pregnancy (mother/fetus) and 215 involved exposure during breast-feeding

In 174 of the 215 reports, there was no AE reported other than ‘Exposure via breast milk/maternal exposure during breast feeding’. In the remaining 41 cases, AEs were reported in the infants following BNT162b2 exposure via lactation.”

Doing some quick math, this means that Pfizer documented adverse effects in no less than 19% of the babies – almost 1 in 5 — that it observed to be exposed to the spike proteins produced by their mRNA shot.

None of these findings, of course, were voluntarily disclosed by Pfizer, the Public Health™ authorities, or the corporate state media that the biomedical state effectively owns.

To this very day, as a matter of fact, the CDC recommends that all pregnant women get shot up, as does the legacy media.

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