Posted by The Wellness Company Posted on 9 June 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough: Could we see a wave of myocarditis-driven deaths? 

As America’s leading cardiologist, Dr. McCullough wasn’t afraid to stand up to big pharma, big tech and big government during the pandemic, and he is showing that same courage to sound the alarm today:

This spike protein is a killer, and it rips through the hearts of men and women,” said Dr. McCullough in a new video where he calls the FDA and the CDC “mild and transient” description of the myocarditis epidemic as “criminal.”

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Indeed, Dr. McCullough says people often don’t feel the damage — it can be that the first time people know there is something wrong is when people die in their sleep. His warnings reflect real-world experience treating myocarditis in his cardiology practice:

As I see these patients, the common question is “when is this over?” While ECG and blood tests tend to normalize quickly, my concern is that ongoing inflammation is occurring due to continued production of Wuhan Spike protein coded by the long lasting Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines.

Dr. McCullough has been researching the duration of vaccine-induced myocarditis. While the results are early, he reports that the damage is long-lasting:

My attention was drawn to the follow-up MRI scans… only 20% had resolved their abnormalities at over six months (199 days). This paper raises questions: 1) is there ongoing heart damage and inflammation at six months? 2) does the LGE in 80% represent a permanent “scar”?

The good news is that no one knows more about keeping his patients’ hearts healthy more than Dr. Peter McCullough. Now, Dr. McCullough is sharing the same healthy heart regiment he treats his own patients with in his premier cardiology practice.

The core ingredient is a miracle cardiac substance known as “D-Ribose.” D-Ribose helps myocardial cells of the heart, restoring ATP, increasing contractions, and increasing the amount of blood flow into the heart, thus offering relief from “reperfusion injury” and free-radical damage to the tissue.

  • D-Ribose which can improve heart function after damage to cardiac tissue.

  • Coenzyme Q10 and Selenium, which combines a powerful antioxidant with cellular protection

  • Vitamin B Complex to fortify heart muscles and soft tissues

  • L-Carnitine to optimize energy delivery to your heart and muscles

Any people worried about myocarditis after vaccination should take a daily regimen of Healthy Heart to make sure their body has the tools needed to recover Moreover, the formula has also been created to help consumers save money – purchasing all the separate ingredients of this revolutionary supplement would be almost $100 – you can save 41% with the unique formulation in The Wellness Company’s Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula.

The pandemic may be behind us, but your heart could still be at risk. Keep you and your family safe and order the Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula today! Use code ICKE at checkout to save 10%.

What people are saying about the Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula:

“After the covid vaxx, my heart started pounding at different times and for no apparent reason. I found this and started taking it, and it has stopped those episodes. Along with Dr Van DeWater’s Spike Recovery formula, both are helping me get my health back.”

“Dr. McCullough’s Healthy Heart and Muscle along with Dr. Zelenko’s Z-Stack are the two supplements that I use daily to keep my natural immunity humming along. I haven’t been sick for several years, and part of my strategy is to avoid anything coming from Big Pharma and the medical tyranny that has been thrust upon us.”

“Have been taking this product three months, and feel confident that this is a quality product. Now my husband wants to take it!”


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