Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 June 2023

Cult-owned ‘Heath Security Agency’ nudges festival-goers to get MMR vaccines

As Dr. Clare Craig pointed out, UKHSA data shows measles is at half the levels pre-covid and shared the image below.

Do Vaccines Make Us Healthier?
Earlier this year Dr. Peter McCollough highlighted a mumps outbreak in Portugal in 2019-2020 and that those cases mostly occurred among those who had been fully vaccinated with measles, mumps and rubella (“MMR”).

In his book titled ‘How to End the Autism Epidemic’, J.B. Handley spends an entire chapter tackling the mainstream notion that the science on vaccines is “settled;” that the studies have been done and no harm could be found. “It’s simply a lie,” he told Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Three independent studies released in 2020 compared the overall health of vaccinated, with any vaccine, and unvaccinated people.

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