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‘Stick your leaflets up your a**e!’: Labour donor Dale Vince is heckled by passersby as eco millionaire leads Just Stop Oil clowns on march through Central London – as he halts traffic but isn’t arrested by police

Labour donor and eco-tycoon Dale Vince was heckled by passersby today telling him to ‘stick your leaflets up your a**e’, as he helped Just Stop Oil clowns halt traffic in their infuriating parade.

Vince wielded a megaphone as he ranted against the Conservative Party during the march through central London, as angry members of the public shouted ‘have you killed many people by doing this?’

The eco tycoon sparked fury after it emerged that he had donated £1.5million to Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, including £20,000 to the leader and some £10,000 to deputy leader Angela Rayner, according to Electoral Commission data published earlier this year.

Vince owns a huge windfarm company called Ecotricity Ltd which is worth over £100million. He became a Labour member in 2004, the same year he was awarded an OBE.

More recently Vince has splurged on bankrolling Just Stop Oil, whose actions he has justified. He previously declared: ‘Sometimes laws are unjust. And when that happens, people have to stand up and do something about it. This climate crisis will be with us for hundreds of years.’

Earlier today Just Stop Oil were accosted by furious scaffolders while one cyclist took Metropolitan Police officers to task for refusing to arrest demonstrators clearly marching down the road. They even got in the way of a woman who said she was trying to get to hospital.

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