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Jacinda Ardern Awarded Damehood for Handling of the ‘Pandemic’ – As Excess Deaths Continue to Mount and Media Censorship Intensifies

New Zealand’s Government has awarded ‘damehood’ – the second-highest honour in the country – to its former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The award was given for “leading the country through the Covid pandemic”.

Who gave Jacinda this high honour? Her new Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins. Mr. Hipkins was Jacinda’s Minister for the COVID-19 Response, so by giving her the highest honour for handling the pandemic, he also implicitly ‘honoured’ himself.

Jacinda did some very unusual things during the pandemic. Her Government forbade New Zealand citizens from returning to their own country. She also supported a “two-tier society”, basically robbing unvaccinated New Zealanders of their constitutional rights and laughing about it:

How is heavily vaccinated New Zealand doing? Take a look at the Human Mortality database. In 2023, New Zealanders are dying at a rate around 25% above average.

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