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Anti-vaxx protester shoulder-barged Matt Hancock and accused him of murdering people during confrontation about ‘Covid’ epidemic that left ex-Health Secretary ‘shaken up’, court hears

Matt Hancock felt ‘very intimated’ and was nearly ‘shoved down an escalator’ on the London Underground by an anti-vaccination protestor, a court heard.

Geza Tarjanyi, 62, of Leyland in Lancashire is accused of shouting ‘ridiculous conspiracy theories’ on two separate occasions.

He was charged with common assault and a public order offence for a clash on January 24, as well as a second public order offence for an earlier confrontation on January 19.

He denies causing harassment without violence to the former health secretary.

On the first occasion, Mr Hancock, along with a member of his staff, passed an anti-vaccination protest near Parliament, before Tarjanyi filmed him, asked him why he had ‘killed so many people’ and shoulder-barged him during a five-minute interaction.

Mr Hancock told a trial at Westminster magistrates’ court: ‘As a public figure, I can’t recall a time when I felt as intimidated as this.’


Appearing in person as a witness, the MP told the court: ‘I felt physically intimidated and felt like I needed to get to a place of safety. He was being completely unreasonable.

‘I didn’t know what further unreasonable actions he would take.

‘It made me feel unsafe going about my place of work, it made me feel frustrated that instead of engaging in a normal debate, someone was trying to intimidate me. I thought that was unacceptable.’

He added: ‘I had a pretty good impression he had been taken over by these ridiculous conspiracy theories.’

A few days later, at around 8am, after Mr Hancock had had breakfast with the Prime Minister, Tarjanyi followed the MP through Westminster underground station and onto a train for around ten minutes, again accusing him of murdering people.

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