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What are the advantages of a stone bathtub?

A variety of materials are used today for the production of bathtubs, which makes it possible to take into account any preferences of buyers in the buying process. Initially, bathtubs were created using copper. Then there is a gradual transition to cast iron and steel. The appearance of stainless steel led to a significant reduction in the weight of the finished product and also made it possible to reduce the cost of the product without losing its strength and durability. In the middle of the last century, the active development of polymers began, therefore, a significant share of the market today is occupied by acrylic bathtubs. A black bath tub made of natural stone, which can be ordered at any convenient time, will allow you to get a unique interior.

Stone baths have not yet become as common as their steel or acrylic counterparts. Much of the reason is their higher price, which is the only real downside. To understand why stone baths look like the perfect solution for a modern apartment or country house, you should familiarize yourself with their advantages.

Natural and artificial stone

First, you need to decide what material is the basis of the finished product. A modern brand can offer models made of artificial or natural stone. The first option allows you to reduce costs. In terms of decorative qualities, a solid artificial stone is only slightly inferior to natural material. If we are talking about natural stone, then it usually acts as:

  • marble;
  • onyx;
  • travertine.

It is easy to guess that the cost of the product will depend on the type of stone. For example, pink marble is less common than white stone, so the cost of products from the same raw material in a different color palette can vary significantly. A more affordable solution is travertine, which, if properly processed, will be difficult to distinguish from marble.

To produce baths from natural stone, it is necessary to obtain a block of suitable size from a quarry and deliver it to the production line. The following set of measures will allow you to hollow out a bowl of the desired size inside, as well as get smoother shapes. This is followed by fine processing, which will result in a truly unique and attractive bathtub made of natural material. Two identical stone baths simply do not exist, which is the main advantage of the products.

Solid material guarantees the strength and durability of the product. Taking into account the conditions in which the bath will be used, the choice in favor of stone looks like a rational decision. To get an artificial stone, you need to use a crumb of natural rock. It can be marble, malachite, sandstone, and other types of stone. That is, the basis of an artificial stone bath is rock, which is mixed with a polymer to obtain a homogeneous composition. Additionally, you can apply various dyes, giving the finished product the desired shade. The material is not painted superficially, but to the full depth, so over time, the color will not become dull.

A quality stone bath can be purchased at The online store catalog is regularly updated with new models. The Aquatica brand is the best guarantee that customers will receive quality products that fully meet the declared characteristics.

Advantages of stone baths

In the process of studying the features of stone baths, you can see that they have many important advantages. These include:

  • Long service life. For many buyers, this advantage is key. When purchasing a stone bath, you no longer have to think about replacing it. The average service life of products made of artificial stone is from 70 years, in the case of baths made from natural raw materials, it exceeds several centuries. Such plumbing serves several generations, unless you want to change it during the next repair, choosing a more modern model.
  • Attractive design. The stone has a beautiful and spectacular appearance. Therefore, plumbing, created with its use, always looks presentable. Thanks to its use, even a standard interior is transformed, acquiring a more noble and luxurious look. The product does not lose its attractiveness over time. Natural stone is represented by a dozen varieties, which allows you to choose a color palette by the style of the room.
  • Suitable for most interiors. The bathroom can be made in any style, including classic or modern. Similarly, manufacturers approach the production of plumbing. Bathtubs reflect the characteristics of a certain design, so with attention to detail, you can complete the composition perfectly.
  • Environmentally friendly material. What could be a more environmentally friendly solution than ordinary stone? It was created by nature itself and is not an allergenic material.
  • A large number of shapes and sizes. The high quality of the material, as well as modern technologies for its processing, make it possible to obtain unique products. Buyers can choose from classic rectangles, as well as more non-standard round or asymmetrical bathtubs. An unusually shaped product is usually installed in the middle of the room. A small room is perfectly complemented by a corner bath or plumbing for installation in a niche

When choosing sanitary ware in the Luxury segment, buyers can take into account even those parameters that previously remained outside their attention. For example, stone structures remain silent. It is enough to remember how metal rings when a strong stream of water begins to beat on it. In the case of a stone, such a problem will be excluded. Therefore, taking a bath in the morning will not cause the whole family to wake up.

The material is suitable for repair, which ensures an even longer service life. Durable rock will not allow you to easily leave a chip or scratch on the surface. If such a nuisance nevertheless happened, then it is easy to eliminate the damage by polishing the surface. For this, a special nozzle for an electrical appliance is used, and after polishing, the surface is usually covered with a protective layer. In most cases, repairs can be made even at home.

According to its thermal conductivity, the material is more like cast iron. This means that the liquid will retain its initial temperature longer. This compares favorably with a stone bathtub from its metal counterparts, which absorb heat and dissipate it very quickly into the surrounding space. Therefore, a stone bath will allow you to relax longer. It is ideal for those who like to read or listen to music in the bath.

Modern plumbing models are often complemented by accessories that expand their functionality. This rule also applies to stone baths. Products can have recesses for armrests, as well as a built-in hydromassage system. Due to the significant mass of the product, vibration is more effectively absorbed. Therefore, during the next hydromassage session, a person will experience less discomfort when comparing a stone bath and an acrylic analog. Water procedures will bring even more pleasure.

The surface is less prone to mold or bacteria colonies. If we talk about enamel products, then this problem is one of the most common. The surface only seems perfectly smooth, but in practice, it has a large number of pores in which bacteria or spores appear. The stone is perfectly polished and covered with a special protective layer, which makes it immune to such threats.

The strength of the stone is the key to efficient operation under increased loads. The significant body weight of the user will no longer be a cause for concern. It remains only to choose the right model, taking into account personal needs and the established budget.

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