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Met Office issues ‘weather warning’: ‘Bill has told us he is going to press his red button on the weather-manipulation technology now he’s finished with the forest fires in Canada’

The thunderstorm alerts are in place for this weekend with “torrential” rain of up to 40mm in an hour expected to hit roads, homes and businesses

Met Office issues ‘torrential’ thunderstorm warnings as 30C heat forecast

Yellow warnings for thunderstorms have been issued by the Met Office across several regions in England this weekend as temperatures are set to soar to 30C.

The alert is in force from 2pm to 9pm on Saturday (10 June) with “heavy rain and hail likely to develop”.

The forecaster has warned that weather conditions will be “torrential and thundery” bringing 30-40mm of rain in an hour. Where there are multiple showers regions could see in excess of 60mm of rain.

The thunderstorm alert has been issued for the East of England, South West England, the West Midlands and North West England, affecting major cities including Manchester, Cardiff and London.

The Met Office said there is a “small chance” that homes and businesses could be flooded as a result of heavy rain, as it warned of dangerous driving conditions on Saturday (10 June) due to spray and sudden flooding, which could result in road closures.

It has also warned of possible cancellations and delays to rail services where flooding or lightning strikes occur, as well as a “slight chance” of power cuts affecting some homes and businesses.

The Met Office said the high pressure which has been responsible for the last couple of weeks of settled weather “will drift away towards Scandinavia, allowing a plume of warm air from the south to influence the weekend weather” with the transition beginning late on Thursday (8 June).

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