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S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole death certificate reveals star tragically died from ‘multiple heart issues’ aged 46

Paul Cattermole’s death certificate has revealed the S Club 7 star tragically died from ‘multiple heart issues’, it has been reported.

The singer was found dead on April 6 in his ground floor flat in Wareham, Dorset, aged just 46 – months ahead of the band’s reunion tour.

According a death certificate seen by The Express, coroners discovered Paul died from a ‘cardiac arrhythmia, acute myocardial ischaemia and severe coronary artery atheroma and intraplaque haemorrhage’.

According to The British Heart Foundation, an arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rhythm that can that can affect the body’s ability to function.

The Mayo Clinic describes Myocardial ischemia as a condition which occurs when blood flow to your heart is reduced, preventing the heart muscle from receiving enough oxygen.

The coroner was informed of Paul’s death by his mother Linda.

MailOnline have contacted S Club 7’s reps for comment.

S Club 7 rebranded themselves following Paul’s shock death earlier this year.

The band will still go ahead with their reunion tour which they have dedicated to him, although Hannah Spearritt, 42 has pulled out as she battles with her grief.

Now the group will be going ahead as a five-piece, their Instagram has been amended to ‘S Club’.

In a social media clip bandmember Jon Lee, said: ‘Sorry it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us but in all honesty we’ve been in a bit of shock and it’s taken a while for us to find the right words to describe how we feel about losing our brother Paul.’

Hannah and Paul dated from 2001 before splitting in 2006, with the pair rekindling their romance in 2015 before finally going their separate ways just months later.

Singer and actress Hannah has spoken of her devastation over Paul’s death and said she ‘can’t stop crying’ and her fellow band members have now confirmed she won’t be joining them on the upcoming tour.

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