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Migrant crisis: Asylum seekers barricade hotel in protest at ‘smelly toilet’ and shared rooms

Migrants staying at a hotel in central London last night barricaded the entrance and staged a protest over “inhuman conditions”.

Around 25 migrants refused to return to their rooms on Thursday.

The asylum seekers – originally from Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq and Somalia – have been housed at the Comfort Inn in Pimlico.

Migrants vowed to sleep outside the hotel with blankets, duvets, cushions and suitcases.

They also barricaded the entrance and used a marker pen as an improvised bolt to “lock” the front door.

The protest looks set to continue until migrants are given single rooms.

Many of the asylum seekers were given single rooms with en suite bathrooms during a separate stay at another hotel.

However, while staying at the Comfort Inn, there are reportedly four migrants to a single room, with two bunk beds and a “smelly” toilet.

A 27-year-old Iranian told The Telegraph: “Two square metres is not enough for sleeping four people. And when you go to the toilet, the smell damages you.”

A 21-year-old Kurdish migrant added: “When we checked on Google Maps, we said, oh this is very nice.

“But when you get in, it’s like a jail. And they treat you very, very bad. They treat you like an animal.”

Posters saying “help us,” “this is a prison, not a hotel,” “inhuman conditions, dirty rooms” and “homeless by the Home Office” were stuck up at the hotel entrance and on nearby traffic lights.

The migrants were transferred to the three-star hotel as the Home Office continues with its attempts to cut its £6million-a-day cost of housing some 50,000 asylum seekers in hotels.

Migrants also receive £45 a week or £9.10 a week if they get bed and board.

The Home Office has commissioned 400 hotels, including four-star country estates and top wedding venues.

Alternative measures drawn up by the Home Office include using two disused RAF camps, a former prison site, army barracks and a barge.

However, the potential locations will likely prompt legal action.

Adam Hug, who became the first Labour leader of Westminster City Council last year, penned a letter to the Home Secretary Suella Braverman to complain that the “vulnerable group” were being moved to the borough.

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