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Is Trans Protester a Member of Britain’s Wokest Family?

Riz Possnett, the trans protester who glued herself to floor of the Oxford Union debating chamber earlier this week, is the daughter of an Extinction Rebellion protestor and a town hall chief who introduced a four day working week. Oh, and she went to a £40,000 a year private school. The Mail has more.

Most middle-class parents would be mortified if their offspring got into Oxford University only to become notorious for staging a stunt that disrupted Britain’s most prestigious debating society.

But not so the family of Riz Possnett, who glued their hand to the floor of the Oxford Union this week in protest at a speech by Professor Kathleen Stock.

The 20-year-old’s father Robert Possnett is a member of Extinction Rebellion who has been arrested numerous times for joining eco protests – and was a fanatical Remainer.

Meanwhile, Riz’s mother Liz Watts is the town hall bigwig whom the Daily Mail recently exposed for introducing a four-day week while secretly writing a PhD on the controversial experiment.

Together their devotion to some of modern Britain’s most fashionable causes has seen them dubbed the nation’s wokest family.

One local source lamented: “They are clearly Britain’s looniest Left family, with brains replaced by the social media bandwagons.”

Riz’s father seems to have previously been less radical, serving in the Army for seven years until 1985.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he reached the rank of Lance Corporal as a “patrol commander” in the Parachute Regiment.

Mr. Possnett did a degree in philosophy at the University of North London followed by a masters in the “idea of toleration” at York.

He delivered aid to Mostar in Bosnia in 1995 and later returned to the Balkans, working on aid programmes and consultancy.

His partner Ms. Watts was there at the same time, working for the Office of the High Representative, created to oversee the peace agreement ending the Bosnian war.

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