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ANOTHER day in Lawless London: Met cops wrestle with members of the public as they struggle to arrest suspects in chaotic scenes

This is the shocking moment 13 police officers wrestle with members of the public as they struggle to arrest two suspects at a bus station.

The footage, captured at Walthamstow Bus Station, London, shows up to nine Met officers grappling with members of the public as four others struggle to arrest two suspects on the floor.

In the clip, people can be heard shouting ‘get your hand off his neck!’ and ‘you’re choking him!’ about one suspect.

A woman in a green coat then grabs an officer by his vest and yanks him backwards before another officer feebly pushes her away.

The two officers then quickly lose control of the suspect as the same woman pulls the officer away again by his wrist and pushes him to the floor.

In the background, two officers can also be seen bizarrely restraining another suspect by his legs as he is sitting down at the bus stop.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: ‘Police were called at about 10.30pm on Wednesday 31 May to reports of anti-social behaviour and two people refusing to leave a bus on Selborne Road.

‘Officers attended and while attempting to detain those involved, the officers were assaulted.

‘One of the officers was taken to hospital for treatment and has since been discharged. A second officer was treated for minor injuries.

‘Two 16-year-old males have been arrested on suspicion of assault¬† on an emergency worker.

‘A 54-year-old woman was also arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly. All three remain in custody.’

Chief Superintendent Simon Crick added: ‘Once again, we have seen officers assaulted while responding to a call for help from a member of the public.

‘It is unacceptable behaviour, and as a result, three people have been arrested in connection with this incident. We will continue to offer support to the officers involved.’

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