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Yorkshire man sues care home for the death of his mother using end-of-life-drugs without consent

On Tuesday Tony Stowell from Hull, Yorkshire, tweeted: “I have started legal proceedings against my mum’s care home – Rose Villa Nursing Home in Hull – and Matt Hancock must be held accountable. My mum was murdered.”

Stowell’s mother died in a care home in May 2020.  The care home failed to tell Stowell his mum was gravely ill. With no warning, the care home “invited us in to watch our mum die. We didn’t even know she was ill,” Stowell said.

Stowell has accused a care home of putting his mother on end-of-life care without his family’s consent during the covid pandemic.  His mother suffered from dementia and didn’t have the mental capacity to make such a decision. The care home made the decision, without reference to the family, to give his mum end-of-life drugs.  Stowell would not have made that decision if he had been asked.

After arriving at the care home to “watch his mum die”, Stowell took her to the hospital. The attending doctor asked him “Who put your mum on end-of-life?”  He didn’t know because he didn’t know she was on end-of-life drugs.  That’s when he realised that his mum must have been put on end-of-life drugs days before.  End-of-life drugs which included midazolam.   The morning after she was admitted to hospital his mum passed away.

When he went public with his story, he was placed on a court order, along with many members of his family.  This hasn’t stopped him from fighting to get justice for his mum.

Below, Fred and Richard Fairbrass of the English pop band Right Said Fred briefly explain Stowell’s story.

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