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Like I said – he’s a child: Trump mocks his 2024 rivals – Ex-President says ‘DeeeSantis’ wants to change his name – because he is unhappy how people pronounce it – and jokes about Chris Christie’s weight

Former President Donald Trump went back to ridiculing members of the expanding presidential field – poking fun at Ron DeSantis for his shifting stance on how to pronounce his own name and insulting former advisor Chris Christie over his weight.

Trump issued the insults on his Truth Social platform following reports that Christie, the former New Jersey governor, would soon jump into the race.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is also expected to announce his entry within days.

The moves establish a crowded field where once again Trump rivals are set to expend considerably energy taking on each other.

Trump has been training most of his fire on DeSantis, as he did last night with a post that pointed to repeated changes in how DeSantis pronounces his last name. He pronounced it ‘dee-Santis’ during the video announcing his campaign, then pronounced it ‘da-Santis’ during interviews on Fox News, keeping up a pattern that goes back years.


‘Have you heard that “Rob” DeSanctimonious wants to change his name, again,’ Trump wrote, once again calling his rival ‘Rob’ for unexplained reasons.

‘He is demanding that people call him DeeeSantis, rather than DaSantis. Actually, I like “Da” better, a nicer flow, so I am happy he is changing it. He gets very upset when people, including reporters, don’t pronounce it correctly. Therefore, he shouldn’t mind, DeSanctimonious?’

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