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Department for Work and Pensions’ Transgender ‘Diversity Ambassador’ says Defenders of Women’s Rights are ‘Genocidal’

A Civil Service diversity adviser has been blasted for linking women’s rights groups to the far-Right and suggesting they are calling for trans genocide. The Mail has more.

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale, the transgender ambassador for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), claimed fascists giving Nazi salutes had been ‘welcomed’ on rallies by so-called gender critical campaigners abroad.

She He alleged that some leaders of the movement – who believe biological sex cannot be changed – have made “statements of a genocidal nature”.

And she he called on her trade union to “work with anti-fascist groups” to show “what genocide can look like” within the “anti-trans narrative”.

Her His explosive comments were made in an emergency motion tabled at last week’s conference in Brighton of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, which is behind a wave of recent strikes in the Passport Office, DVLA and HMRC, and is now considering industrial action over the Government’s Rwanda migrant policy.

The motion called on delegates to note that “the presence of far-Right activists at the gender critical rallies in Australia was welcomed by the organisers even when they gave Nazi salutes”, as well as the “statements of a genocidal nature made by some”.

Her His claims over the Australian rally have been disputed, with organisers saying the far-Right group gatecrashed the event to cause trouble and were let through by police.

Ms. Tweedale tabled the motion in her his role as the union rep for the DWP branch in Bradford, but she he is also the department’s national diversity ambassador on trans issues.

Her His motion called on the union’s national executive council to produce a leaflet and campaign “which highlights the links between the far-Right, religious fundamentalist and gender critical ideologies”.

She He also asked the PCS’s ruling body to “promote an understanding of what genocide can look like in… anti-trans narratives”, and a member’s bulletin about “biological essentialism”.

The conference motion has sparked fury among the public sector.

Critics pointed out that gender critical views are protected by law and are common among Left-wing feminists.

One civil servant said: “To use the word genocide to describe a belief in sex being real is an insult to the victims of actual genocides.” Ms Tweedale did not respond to requests to comment and blocked the Mail from seeing her Twitter posts.

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