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Texas DPS Capitol Police Detain Woman, Seize Phone For Confronting Man In Women’s Restroom


Evans explained she arrived at the Texas Capitol on May 12th to celebrate the signing of SB14 along with dozens of other activists.

SB14 blocks transgender minors from accessing genital mutilation surgeries or puberty-blocking pharmaceuticals.

As she escorted a group of older women to the restroom in the capitol, Evans witnessed a man enter the bathroom and use one of the stalls.

After the man washed his hands, Evans said she held the door open for him and told him to use the men’s restroom next time.

Later in the day, another activist sent a photo they took of the man in the restroom to Evans and she shared the image on social media alongside a message about men entering women’s restrooms.

“I’m sure it won’t be the last time today, but just had to tell this man to stop using the women’s restroom at the Capitol. There are young girls here on school field trips. Take your delusion and fetish TF out of our spaces,” she wrote on Twitter.


After the social media post went viral while Evans was still at the capitol, a DPS lieutenant approached her, detained her and confiscated her cell phone all without a warrant.

The activist told law enforcement she didn’t take the photograph, but they didn’t allow her to leave until she gave up her phone which she still has not gotten back.

Travis County District Attorney José Garza, another George Soros-funded far-left DA, reportedly learned of the social media post and may be involved in pressing charges against Evans.

A lawyer friend of the trans individual in the restroom reportedly sicced their friends and followers on Evans via Twitter and she had her home address posted as well as other personal information.

Now, Evans is waiting for DPS to decide whether or not it will charge her with a crime.

Texas is supposed to be a bastion for freedom and conservatism in an age of rampant Marxism, but the RINO GOP politicians who allow men to enter restrooms used by middle school and high school girls during school field trips throughout the year highlight just how bad the state’s leadership has become.

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