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Nat. Sec. Spokesman John Kirby Stumbles When Asked About Biden Bribes & Why Most Americans Believe Biden Corrupt

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby abruptly left the podium after struggling to answer tough questions about charges made by whistleblowers alleging a bribery scheme by Joe Biden and his family.

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson on Wednesday confronted Kirby during a press briefing about Congressional Republicans claiming whistleblowers have seen evidence Biden took bribes and how that’s shaping the American people’s perception of the Biden family.

“There have been many developments in the House investigations into the First Family’s international business dealings. Recently, there’s one committee trying to get an FBI file alleging that President Biden took bribes,” Nelson began.


“There’s another IRS whistleblower who is alleging there is a cover-up in the investigation. Amid all this there was a Harvard-Harris poll this month that found that fifty-three percent of the public including a fourth of Democrats believe quote ‘Joe Biden was involved with his son in an, in an illegal influence peddling scheme.’”

“There is of course evidence the President interacted with his relatives’ associates from China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine,” he continued.

“So what do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the President is himself corrupt?” he asked.

Kirby, flanked by Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, exclaimed, “Wow!”

After a long pause while shaking his head, he continued, “The President…the President, the President has spoken to this. Uh, the President has spoken to this uh, and there’s nothing to these claims.”


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