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Mum is stunned when her three-day-old newborn lifts her head and begins to crawl just like a bub months older: ‘Is this normal?’

A mum was lost for words when her newborn baby started lifting her head and attempting to crawl just three days after being born.

Samantha Elizabeth and her mum captured the incredible moment on camera while little Nyilah Daise was lying on her stomach in the hospital cot.

The little one can be seen wriggling around, making noises and lifting her head for a few seconds while looking around.

In a video, Samantha can be heard asking her mum, ‘Is that even normal?’ and she responded: ‘No, she’s three days old.’

‘Mum, she’s crawling! How is that even normal? What the heck!’ Samantha said, and her mum added: ‘God, she should not be this strong already.’

According to The Bump, infants are unable to hold their heads up at all and their neck needs to be supported, but ‘tummy time’ is recommended.

The 30-second video caught the attention of the masses after it was shared on TikTok with the caption: ‘I still can’t believe this happened.’

Samantha also added text over the clip that read: ‘POV your daughter is three days old, and is lifting her head, crawling and talking.’

The fascinating video has since been viewed more than 48.3 million times – leaving thousands stunned.

‘Babies born after 2020 are definitely built different,’ one commented, while another added: ‘What type of baby is that?’

‘Girl got places to go people to see, let’s go,’ a third said.

‘When I see babies doing this it makes me think they are evolving because they know they got to get moving faster,’ a fourth wrote.

Another person confessed: ‘That little girl can plank better than I can.’

Someone else said: ‘She gonna be very advanced so get on your running shoes.’

Some provided an explanation, stating the baby was hungry and looking for a food source.

‘It’s the reflex – looking for food,’ one wrote.

Another suggested it was the baby crawl reflex, saying: ‘It’s there for the first six weeks and then goes away. It is a special adaptation that allows a baby to crawl to feed.’

Samantha has since shared follow-up videos at home with the baby, claiming at just 18 days old she rolled over for the first time.

And at three weeks old, Nyilah was seen ‘trying to get up’ while lying on her mum’s legs.

In the comments, several other mums encouraged Samantha to have a pediatrician check her baby’s hypertonia and muscle tone.

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