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California Mom Reclaims Young Daughter From Clutches of Trans Agenda in Middle School

No white knight would be riding in to rescue their kids—they were it. California mom Erin Friday, 56, found out she was it for her then 11-year-old daughter. It started innocently enough: just a few boyish-sounding nicknames and a couple of extra letters from the alphabet. But innocent it was not.

A few girls, including Friday’s young one, were heard chattering in the front yard about some new things they learned at school. They were hip to fresh trends while, in their minds, boring old mom was the know-nothing dinosaur who was way behind the times.

“Five girls, each one of them picked a label that was on the alphabet, and they actually kind of giggled at me and said, ‘You’re cis, and you don’t understand,’” Friday told The Epoch Times. “I had never heard the term ‘cis’ before, and then they said, ‘OK, boomer.’”

It was 2019, and Friday’s daughter was in seventh grade. This was the mom’s first eye-opening moment: “What the heck are they teaching our kids at school?!” she wondered. Curiosity turned to concern as this gender-fixated culture germinated. “Oh, it’s probably just puberty,” she thought at first.

So, this curious culture began bearing its strange and noxious fruit. It became cool to have a label. As one girl identified as pansexual, another called herself polyamorous (open to multiple partners), nonsensically. “Half her Girl Scout troupe came out as transgender,” Friday said. Out came the breast binders. Girly voices suspiciously dropped low overnight.

“My daughter picked ‘pansexual.’ She was 11. There’s nothing sexual about my 11-year-old daughter,” Friday said. “A couple picked ‘lesbian,’ but nobody picked ‘straight’—I guess in their terminology ‘cis’—because that’s boring; it’s like picking vanilla ice cream.” In a humorous caveat, Friday noted how they oddly kept watching “Twilight” to fawn over their hunky vampirical heart throbs—little girls that they were.

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