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People’s Brains and Bodies Are Not Protected Against Attacks by Electromagnetic Waves and Neurotechnologies

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The sixth generation of cell phone telephony plans to connect human brains to the internet.

Samuel Koslov, a leading personality of American Navy’s project Pandora and researcher at the John Hopkins University, in his closing speech at the conference on Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems in 1983, said that the conference had proven that the external electric fields can ”become a key to cellular control … The implications, social, economic, and even military are enormous… it may be more significant to the nation than the prospects that faced the physics community in 1939 when the long-time predicted fissionability of the nucleus was actually demonstrated“. People do not really know what he was talking about until today, since much of it is classified and used in weapons research.

The human body is full of electrical and electromagnetic events and therefore can be controlled by electromagnetic radiation, which can have benign as well as harmful effects on its states. It may control even such events as is cell division or activity of neurons, as well as synchronized activity of masses of neurons in the brain and in this way produce “artificial“ activity of the human nervous system.

In 2021 the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) of UNESCO wrote: „External tools that may interfere with our decisions can call into question, or even challenge, an individual’s free will, and consequently an individual’s responsibilities. In this way, neurotechnology could affect freedom of thought, decision-making and action. Taken together, these could have a profound impact on justice systems and social organizations” (pg. 36). At the end of the article IBC encourages its member states „to guarantee neurorights of their citizens” (pg.38).

The activity of human brains and bodies can be manipulated by electromagnetic waves, since electric currents are key factors of neural and muscle activity. As early as 1962 sounds were produced in human brains by microwaves pulsed in the frequencies of the nervous activity of the human auditory systems. In 2007, the Washington Post wrote about a declassified experiment:

“In October 1994 at the Air Force laboratory… scientists were able to transmit sentences into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility”.

In 2020, the American Academy of Sciences wrote in the report on attacks of American diplomats in Cuba and China, well known as the Havana syndrome, that the most likely cause of their problems was directed pulsed radio frequency waves. It is well known that these attacks are accompanied by artificially produced acoustic hallucinations. Those events suggest that pulsed microwaves are already being used as a weapon today. As a matter of fact, if human speech is converted into ultrasound and then into pulsed microwaves or extra- long electromagnetic waves, a human being will perceive them as his own thoughts, since it will not hear it.

On October 7, 2022, twenty three countries signed a document requiring “the Advisory Committee of the Human Rights Council (of the United Nations Organization) to prepare a study… on the impact, opportunities and challenges of neurotechnology with regard to the promotion and protection of all human rights”. They made that request:

Bearing in mind that neurotechnology allows the connecting of the human brain directly to digital networks through devices and procedures that may be used, among other things, to access, monitor and manipulate the neural system of the person”.

In September 2021, the Chilean Parliament documented this danger by approving a law guaranteeing Chilean citizens the rights to personal identity, free will and mental privacy. Major world media did not report on this event, thus proving that technologies enabling remote control of human brains are still classified.

Evidently it is now an urgent task for the world governments to follow the Chilean example and prove that they are not planning to transform their states into totalitarian states where the elite turn citizens into bio-robots, controlled by supercomputers. There are thousands of people worldwide, who complain about being exposed to experiments, which test capability of neurotechnological devices to deprive people of their freedom of thought at distance and cause them pains by electromagnetic waves.

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