Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 May 2023

Not Dark Yet… But it’s Getting There

The former Brexit minister Lord Frost delivered a damning indictment of the politics and economics that surround the collectivist Net Zero project. Giving the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s annual lecture on Thursday, he noted that governments are generally made up of clever people, and clever people tend to think they know best how to run things. But Frost argued that with Net Zero they were “making people poorer, reducing opportunity, and as a result limiting our economic, political, foreign policy and defence capacity”.

Lord Frost noted that ‘clever’ politicians believe their narrow specialisms, often painfully achieved, qualify them to predict the future accurately “and certainly often make them disdainful of people who question them”. We can be confident, he continued, that this approach will be economically inefficient, regulators will be captured, rents will be sought, and poor decisions will not only be taken but will be persisted with long after it has become clear they are irrational. When implementing inefficient and unreliable energy policies, politicians hope something will turn up to help out, while at the same time imposing, or promising, restrictions on lifestyles to deal with the consequences.

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