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Cathy O’Brien: Order of the Rose

Some of the finest people I know are Catholics working on the inside to dismantle CIA Jesuit child sex trafficking.

Jesuits are the Intelligence arm of the Vatican, representing the New World Order of the Rose in conjunction with the CIA.

My torturous MK Ultra mind control experience was Jesuit CIA based, thrusting me deep in the swamp among perpeTraitors of the dark slave society agenda being imposed worldwide today. I learned secrets of this dark Cabal’s 100 year dominance plan where a handful of Big Guys hold all the gold and make all the rules.  Their plan, generated by DARPA A.I., is shallow and linear in construct, which means it lacks depth and wisdom.

Wisdom outthinks a criminal mind every time in light of humanity’s strength of spirit and power of love. Our innate birthright capability is what these perpeTraitors fear most because they know humanity would never tolerate alteration and destruction of our divine soul purpose.

These perpeTraitors cannot control nor possess the human spirit. They can only inhibit our expression of it by distracting our conscious mind outside ourselves with imposed trauma. When we reclaim our free thought, free will soul expression, it is easy to see that it is abSOULutely inexcusable to allow this dark Cabal to manipulate our brilliant minds and lives any more.

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The Trap

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