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Anti-Ulez Protesters Warn of French-Style Unrest as London Cameras Vandalised

Organised groups are sabotaging and stealing cameras being installed across London to enforce the expansion the capital’s ultra-low emissions zone (Ulez) in the latest example of grassroots resistance to the anti-car policy. The Times has the story.

Campaigns that have sprung up to fight Ulez, low traffic neighbourhoods, clean air zones and 15-minute cities are now uniting with groups of disaffected farmers, truckers and bikers to pile pressure on ministers to reverse what they say is a “war on motorists”.

A new group calling itself U.K. Unites, which claims to bring together campaigns supported by more than 2.5 million people across Britain, is warning the Government to expect civil disobedience on a “huge scale” unless there is a change of approach.

Phil Elliott, 59, the veteran campaigner behind the initiative, said: “People aren’t bluffing. There are just so many things wrong across the country affecting so many people and stressing them out, how could there not be civil disobedience?”

The semi-retired HGV driver said the Ulez expansion might be the event that “makes the country go bang”.

He said: “People just can’t afford new cars or the charges — people like carers who are on crap wages. They’re desperate.”

A group of self-proclaimed “freedom fighters” describing themselves as the “Blade Runners” has already taken down hundreds of cameras in their campaign against the Mayor of London’s plan to extend Ulez to the outskirts of the capital by the end of August.

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