Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 May 2023

Video: Former-UN Executive Director Exposes Disturbing Links Between Oligarchs, Paedophilia & Missing Children

In a shocking revelation, former executive director of the United Nations Global Sustainable Index Institute Calin Georgescu exposed how oligarchs who control the world are tied to the scores of children who go missing each year with no trace.

Georgescu made the startling admissions during a conversation last year with the International Crimes Investigative Committee independent non-profit NGO.

The problem is that this oligarch, all of them are related to the system of pedophilia.

We know that there are more than 8 million children per year which disappear. 8 million does mean the entire population of Austria. They disappear without any information, simply like that.

And this is the transhumanism. So this criminal act has to be stopped, and we stop in the moment when the people arrive in consciousness and the people arrive to understand that this is not their life.

As the chilling truths revealed by the former top UN official sink in, it is now more crucial than ever for society to rise up and confront this abhorrent reality.

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