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Most Major Retailers Are Carrying LGBT, Pride Merchandise for Children

As Target continues to endure backlash over its newly launched “Pride” line of clothing and merchandise for kids, the retail giant is not alone in carrying woke wares for children and teens.

Similar items that have prompted some to call for the “Bud Light treatment” of Target can also be found at Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, The Gap, Apple, and many more.

North Face, a popular go-to for high-quality outdoor gear, has taken what some see as an especially deep dive into retail radicalism with its “Summer of Pride” campaign.

Tracy Holmes, who lives in central Pennsylvania, told The Epoch Times her reaction when she first saw ads for the campaign was, “You have gotta be kidding me.”

“It’s at a sheer level of narcissistic pandering,” said Holmes, a mother of four, including two teenagers. “It’s not only ridiculous—it’s infuriating and insulting. Women don’t act that way.”

North Face is using a drag queen, who wears an excessive amount of makeup and a poofy wig, to market the campaign. He goes by the name Pattie Gonia.

Adopting a different style from Dylan Mulvaney—the transgender influencer who partnered with Bud Light and who makes videos about identifying as a teenage girl—Gonia sports a mustache and, in a recent video promoting North Face’s Summer of Pride, introduces himself as a “real life homosexual.”

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