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How London Mayor Khan Left ‘Barely Conscious’ Due To Heart Attack Suffered Days After Receiving ‘Covid’ Booster

London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed in his new book, Breathe, he suffered a heart attack during the 2021 COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Khan explained as he spoke to the COP26 crowd, “out of nowhere, I felt a knot in my chest – a kind of tightening” and he had to be “carried off the stage” while “barely conscious.”

The book stated, “My shirt was drenched with sweat and I felt like I was on fire.”

According to the Evening Standard, “It is not known what caused Mr. Khan to suddenly fall ill in Glasgow on November 10, 2021. But medical experts have confirmed that the symptoms and aftermath were consistent with a minor heart attack.”

“Mr. Khan spent about seven hours overnight in A&E at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and underwent an electrocardiogram (ECG), which checks the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity, a chest X-ray and several rounds of blood tests.”

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After learning he had suffered a minor heart attack, the then-51-year-old London mayor wrote in his book, “I couldn’t believe it. I felt fine. I simply didn’t believe I had had a heart attack. The whole situation felt unreal. In a matter of hours, I was due to give perhaps the biggest address of my mayoralty.”

It’s worth noting Khan received his first dose of a Covid jab in February 2021 and his booster shot on October 29, 2021, on the same day he got a flu vaccine.

Just twelve days after taking both a Covid booster and flu shot on the same day, Khan suffered the heart attack.

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