Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 22 May 2023

Is Unlocking Closed and Indifferent Minds Possible?

“We are seeing a globalization of indifference. There is a culture of conflict, which makes us think only of ourselves. Makes us live in soap bubbles which, however lovely, are also insubstantial. We’ve become used to the suffering of others. It doesn’t affect me. No one in our world feels responsible.”

~ Jonathan Pryce

As should be very apparent, this is a contentious subject, a double edged sword of sorts, and one that requires open and honest explanation. It should be obvious, but it is not, that no one can forcibly open another’s closed mind, or tame and stifle his indifference. No matter the power wielded, no matter the desired intent, no matter a gallant effort, wasted or not; each person is a unique individual, regardless of his collective desires, or his cowardice in the face of adversity and human suffering. Each of us has to come to his own conclusions, right or wrong, and while it is noble to attempt to educate and bring forth some truth and reason to those lacking the initiative to willfully obtain knowledge, it is an aggressive affront to demand compliance with one’s personal wishes.

The indifference and apathy that consumes the common man, especially in this current world of lost hope, the great ambition of the masses for personal gratification above all else, the lack of individual awareness and responsibility, and the extreme tyranny being pursued by those who choose to rule over others, cannot be remedied by hostility, regardless of the sorry state in which humanity finds itself today.

What has happened to the human mind and behavior, is a stark reminder of the seemingly unlimited flaws of man. To have reached this level of existence, required that society as a whole, had to forego almost all normal and traditional thinking, responsibility, caring, and empathy, in favor of a cold and callous presence of mind. While this may seem a harsh observance, is it really? Consider the absolute mass division that has been allowed to take hold in this country, the atrocious behavior now accepted as normal, the intentional blindness to our societal plight, the ‘confusion’ as to our natural human biology, the abuse and perversion against children worldwide, and the allowance of total terror and lies at the hands of the ruling class, it media mouthpieces, and all its government pawns.

It is as if all human imagination, love, joy, splendour, and responsibility, have been lost in a sea of ignorance, indifference, and hate. Maybe many think that the only way to survive this madness is to hide from it, but that is the antithesis of any reasonable solution possible. It is the individual after all, that is our savior in times of extreme strife, psychological pressures, and the absurdities in life. At this point in time, we face not only our own demons, but the possibility of the annihilation of our species. This situation is that dire.

We all know what has happened in the past few years, but that has been just the culmination of a multi-generational decline in human morality and existence; none of it accidental, consequential, or natural, as all of our ills are caused by those who purposely build and define the State’s narrative, and all those who allow it to happen without challenge. In other words, placing blame on one or the other, while convenient to weak minds, is asinine and short-sighted, as all who either strive to rule or voluntarily accept that rule, are at fault.

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