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Labour reveals its true colours on immigration: Party’s chair admits numbers arriving will rise under a Keir Starmer government as Tories claim he would ‘happily allow uncontrolled migration’

Labour has admitted it wants to bring more foreign workers into the UK.

The party’s chairman said yesterday that migration would rise ‘in the short term’ under a government led by Sir Keir Starmer.

Anneliese Dodds said numbers would eventually fall as home-grown workers became better trained – but refused to set a target.

Her admission raises fresh fears over what Labour will do if it wins power, coming just days after it emerged Sir Keir wants to give millions of EU migrants the vote and reopen Brexit.

The Tories were also embroiled in a furious row over immigration last night after Rishi Sunak refused to set a tough new limit, even though figures to be published next week are expected to hit a record high.

Asked by Sky News if Labour wanted net migration – the number of new arrivals minus those leaving Britain – to go up or down, Ms Dodds replied: ‘Actually Labour believes that setting a net migration target isn’t sensible and it appears even Rishi Sunak knows that.’

Pressed twice more on the issue, she said: ‘What we would see if we had an immigration system that was working properly would be potentially in some areas where there’s a short-term need for skills, you could see in the short-term actually people who are coming in, increasing in number.

‘But in the medium and long-term, a reduction, because we would be training people up in our own country.’

Conservative Party deputy chairman Lee Anderson said: ‘This is more concrete evidence of Labour’s undeniable plans to open the borders.

‘Not only would he drag us back into the EU, now it’s clear Sir Keir would happily allow uncontrolled migration.

‘Only the Conservatives can be trusted to deliver the people’s priorities and stop the boats.’

Senior Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg said of Labour’s plan to rely on cheap foreign labour: ‘It’s the wrong structure for the economy and a reminder of the economic illiteracy of the Labour Party.’

Backbencher Michael Fabricant added: ‘The fear many people have, myself included, is that they will be non-discriminatory about whom they allow into the country. That number of people cannot be sustained by our education and health systems.’

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