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How Greening the Economy Will Destroy America

Brain-dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers want to “green” the economy. They use the phony “climate change” hoax, aka “global warming,” as the excuse to do this. Their plans will destroy America’s economy, which is dependent on fossil fuels. They talk a lot about helping the poor and arouse people to hate the rich. But destroying our country’s economy won’t help the poor.

Brain-dead Biden’s proposed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is supposed to give us cheap “green” energy. But it will, in fact impose limitless costs. As fossil-fuel expert Alex Epstein points out, “We were told that the IRA would give us cheap ‘green’ energy for ‘only’ $400 billion in subsidies.

In reality, the IRA has a limitless price tag due to its 1) a limitless number of years, 2) limitless dollars per year, and 3) limitless harm to our grid.

  • The promise that for just $400 billion the IRA would give us cheap “green” energy never made sense.
  • If the ‘green’ sources the IRA was subsidizing were actually on the verge of being cheap, they wouldn’t need to be subsidized.
  • If the IRA was trying to make low-carbon energy cheap—which is the only way to lower global CO2 emissions long-term—it would have focused on liberating low-carbon energy production from the anti-development “green” regulations that hold back nuclear, geothermal, and natural gas.
  • The real goal of the IRA was to pretend to do something about global CO2 so as to wildly enrich ‘green’ companies that are unable/unwilling to compete on a real market—above all solar/wind companies, who successfully lobby to be paid a (subsidized) premium for unreliable power!
  • Given that the IRA’s promise of $400 billion in subsidies leading to lower costs was a lie, it should be no surprise that the $400 billion number is a total lie.

The IRA’s cost is limitless:

  1. It lasts a limitless number of years
  2. It costs limitless dollars per year
  3. It does limitless harm to our grid.

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