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Report: Feinstein Doesn’t Remember Being Gone From Senate For 10 Weeks

A disturbing report in the LA Times details how 89 year old Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein doesn’t remember that she has been absent from the Senate for 10 weeks due to illness.

Feinstein was sick with Shingles and its after effects for over two months, missing 93 votes in the Senate and leading many, even within her own party, to call for her to step down.

Yet when she was asked by a reporter how other Senators have reacted to her return, she was adamant that she hadn’t been anywhere.


“I haven’t been gone. You should … I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working,” Feinstein asserted.

“You’ve been working from home is what you’re saying?” the reporter enquired.

“No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting. Please, either know or don’t know,” Feinstein snapped, before ending the exchange immediately.

As we highlighted last week, Feinstein appeared not to know where she was when wheeled back into the Senate last week, asking handlers “where am I going?”

Feinstein’s office has stated that she is experiencing vision and balance impairments, and she has complained about pains in her legs and eyes.

Feinstein is clearly not fit for office and should be at home living out what time she has left in peace.

Dems gotta secure those party line votes though, so wheeling her in every day it is.


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