1.The UK is now sending long range missiles to Ukraine. And the UK is sending troops too. This takes us one big step closer to nuclear war. And, not to be outdone, the US is providing Ukraine with missiles and intelligence from Airborne Warning and Control systems (AWAC) patrols. This leaves Russia little option but to shoot down the American aircraft. It is patently clear that NATO wants a full-blooded nuclear war. (If you haven’t seen them please watch my videos: `Why they need world war III’ (first broadcast on 3rd May 2022) and `Urgent Warning to Everyone’ (first broadcast on 9th February 2023). Both videos are available on www.vernoncoleman.org and on my channel on BrandNewTube. It is, I think, fair to say that if Ukraine and NATO appear to be winning this war there will be a nuclear war because the Russians will not go quietly into defeat. Remember that the Russians lost around 25 million men in World War II, defending their country against a German invasion. The Russians would fight just as hard against America. NATO members should all keep out of the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Anyone waving a Ukraine flag with enthusiasm is a war mongering psychopath. I will repeat my advice given some while ago: wherever you live keep an eye on the whereabouts of your nation’s President or Prime Minister. If two or more senior figures leave the capital at the same time then it might be time for you to consider leaving too. So, in the UK, I would consider it a possible warning sign if both Charles and Sunak quietly left London for their country homes (or, in the case of Charles, one of his many country homes.)

2. A national newspaper in the UK ran this headline the other day: ‘Major outbreak of deadly Victorian disease is on the cards, expert warns.’ Do you know the name of the ‘deadly Victorian disease’? It was measles. And a potential outbreak is being blamed on parents failing to have their children vaccinated against measles. Naturally, in order to ramp up the fear the story had to be given an extra twist and common or garden measles became a ‘deadly Victorian disease’. What a pity it is that newspapers never report the stories which show how dangerous vaccines can be. For example, the Danish Government and a Danish vaccine maker, funded a study of the DTP vaccine. Gates and his pet WHO claim that the DTP vaccine saves millions of lives but the truth seems to be very different. After looking at 30 years of data, the scientists concluded that the DTP vaccine was probably killing more children than died from diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus prior to the vaccine’s introduction. The vaccine had ruined the immune systems of children rendering them susceptible to death from pneumonia, leukaemia, bilharzia, malaria and dysentery. If you want to know the truth about vaccines and vaccinations please read my book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the truth. You can find it for sale on Amazon.

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