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The WEF Wants Equitable “Democratization” Of Stock Markets

“Talent and intellect are equally distributed, opportunity is not…”

This is the claim made by the World Economic Forum in a recent video describing their intention to create a more “democratized” stock market.

Obviously, the truth is the opposite; talent and intellect are not equally distributed, but every person is given the opportunity to take a shot and attempt to succeed.  Any democratized economic policy would seek to change all of that.

The WEF program seems to run parallel to the ESG-related woke ideology that has been spreading like a cancer into major corporations and Western governments. While promoting fairness in investing, the WEF addresses theory while ignoring practice. How would such fairness be achieved? What is the WEF definition of fairness?

If we go by the common ideological mantras of globalists and the political left, fairness for them means equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.  There are no significant barriers to the average person buying stocks, but nearly half the population of countries like the US stay out of retail markets.  Why?  Is it a lack of “equity”, or is it something else?

The WEF addresses this issue without directly admitting the problem.  Trust is in fact the issue, and people distrust markets because they are openly rigged to a certain extent.  The WEF glances over this concern as if it is unjustified or requires more government intervention.  Yet, over a decade of government and central bank manipulation of markets is proof enough that certain corporations and certain financial mechanisms are protected while others are not.  At least, not until recently…

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