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How to Win the Battle Against Drug Addiction?

The battle against drug addiction is a battle within oneself. You are fighting your cravings at every step and trying to curb the urge to use. As the fight is against oneself, there is no clear enemy. Hence, there is no definite goal in front of you. Therefore, it can be harder to maintain your focus in the battle against drug addiction. As a result, many people addicted to drugs often lose and deteriorate their quality of life. Apart from jeopardizing their own lives, people also spoil the lives of the ones they love. Therefore, the battle against drug addiction always comes with enormous stakes, and winning it becomes all the more important.

Perseverance: The Key to Addiction Recovery


If you or your loved one has ever struggled against drug addiction, you would know how difficult it can be. There are countless obstacles along the way, each hurdle impeding your progress and stopping you from reaching your goal. As a result, conquering drug addiction can sometimes become an exercise in overcoming failures. Many people, including well-known celebrities, have faced this battle many times, losing plenty on their way to victory. Those who have recovered have won only ONCE, which is all that you need for long-term addiction recovery.

Overcoming addiction is not about losing the habit for 28 days (the duration of most addiction recovery courses). It is about changing the way of life by altering your mindset in such a way that you no longer have cravings. But to truly get to a stage where you are totally drug-free both physically and mentally requires a lot of effort, and most importantly, perseverance. When you are ready to move forward positively despite the losses and put all your mind, heart, body and soul into the struggle, you are eventually going to win the war.

Although a battle against drug/alcohol could be a drawn-out affair, you can significantly cut down the time for addiction recovery by choosing an alcohol or drug rehab that has a high success rate.


How to Battle Drug Addiction by Yourself?


The battle against drug addiction starts within oneself. Below are some ways you can begin to win  this battle:

  • Acknowledge the problem instead of ignoring it: Many people keep on using but never really consider themselves an addict. If you are unable to control your urges, then it is time for you to acknowledge the problem.
  • Identify the triggers and avoid them: Do you often use them when you go to a party? Or do you binge drink when you are all alone? Everyone has different triggers, so it is important to identify those triggers or situations and avoid them.
  • Never lose motivation: As mentioned before, the fight against drug addiction can be long and hard. So, stay motivated, no matter how tough it gets. Always keep in mind that things are going to get the worst before they get better. Therefore, the worse you feel, the more effort you should put into recovery.
  • Seek expert help: Fighting drug addiction alone can be extremely hard for some people, especially if one has been using it for a long time. So, seek expert help or better visit a drug rehab that has a good success rate.


Win the Battle Against Drug Addiction by Choosing the Best Rehab


Rehab plays a very important role in addiction recovery. By choosing a rehab that TRULY helps you overcome your drug addiction, you can maximize your chances of recovery. Below are some ways a rehab can help you in addiction recovery:


  • Personalized treatment plan: A drug rehab creates an individualized treatment plan that addresses the specific needs and circumstances of the addict. The plan may include therapy, counselling, and other treatments. Some popular therapies for addiction recovery are CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and DT (Dialectical Therapy).
  • Medical detoxification to expedite recovery: Many drug rehabs offer medical detoxification, which involves removing the drugs from the person’s system under medical supervision. It helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms and makes the detox process safer and more comfortable.
  • Aftercare planning after leaving the drug rehab: As mentioned before, the battle against drug addiction is not won unless you have altered your mindset completely. A drug provides aftercare planning, which involves creating a plan to help the addict transition back into their daily life after finishing the treatment. Some of the best rehabs, like the ones run by UKAT, even offer an alumni program to ensure that people who have recovered stay completely drug-free even after leaving the drug rehab. 

Final Thoughts


Addiction recovery is a long-term battle that might be difficult to win for many addicts. However, by making some changes within oneself, one can give themselves a fighting chance in the fight against addiction. If the battle seems too difficult and hard to win, you should consider going to a proven drug rehab with good credentials and a reputation.

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