Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 14 May 2023

Falsifying A Pandemic To Push Vaccination

In 2008, former Democratic Rep. James Langevin suggested falsifying a pandemic to push vaccination.

Previous articles emphasized that many people often do not use reasoning to refute the suggestion that evil people in the government would do very evil things. Such people often do not research or study the subject, but instead simply say, “Nobody would ever do that!”

It is not clear if such people really believe that “Nobody would ever do that!” or if they are only telling themselves that “Nobody would ever do that!” to avoid being proved wrong or because the subject is so evil that people would rather just ignore it and attempt to remain oblivious to the evil.

For example, if one studies the actions of the FBI and local secret police, one discovers that such entities have secretly committed some very horrible evils. Several of those evils included hoaxes, ruses, ploys, and lies about a targeted person, including claiming that such FBI and local secret police operations were “investigations.” As one former U.S. senator implied, they were not investigations, partially because investigations do not go “on and on and on.” (Pages 5 and 16)

The FBI and local police actions were instead a type of torture that involves continuous intense and coordinated stalking by members of the community, which is falsely labeled as an “investigation” so community members would be more likely to participate.

Now, in this example, if the FBI or local secret police ask a person in the community, Church, etc. to participate in such false investigations, another person might tell them that the FBI or local police might actually be lying to those participating in the investigation in that the FBI or local secret police might actually be targeting them as a trap or entrapment.

And here is where the “Nobody would ever do that!” response is often given — implying that the FBI or local secret police would not lie to people to get them to participate in a false investigation, hoax, ruse, coordinated stalking scheme, etc.

Then one might say, “look here where it says in U.S. federal law that law enforcement, which includes local police and the FBI, may ‘convey false or misleading information.’ Most people might simply say this is the FBI or local police ‘lying.’ And the law also apparently implies that the FBI and local police might even pre-plan and commit hoaxes or other falsified schemes!”

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